Dr Rachel Cann is a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Australia) and also for the Federal Aviation Administration (USA).

Aviation Medicals for CASA and the FAA are available at WilkStreet Medical Practice in North Caulfield and also in Essendon, in the vicinity of Essendon Airport, by appointment.

Aviation medicals are available during normal office hours and also on weekends when required.

Dr Cann offers a “one-stop-shop” and can  do an  ECG , blood tests and an audiogram if required. Please fast from midnight the night before, and drink only water prior to attending if you require  blood tests.

Falcon 900


Pilot Medical Pricing – Practice fees inc GST:                                                            

CASA – Class1, 2 or 3 Medicals                                                                       $297              

FAA Medical                                                                                                 $484                       

CASA & FAA Combined Medicals                                                            $737                

FAA Medical – Complex Case add-on                                                             $150        

ECG                                                                                                                 $110

Audiogram                                                                                                      $110


After Hours / Weekends – only available at Blue-Sky Aviation Medicals

CASA – Class1, 2 or 3 Medicals                                                                       $352

FAA  Medical                                                                                             $539

CASA & FAA  Combined Medicals                                                           $792


FAA Medical – Complex Case add-on                                                            $150



Other Common Tests (as required)

24hr Holter Monitor

Ambulatory BP monitor

Colour Vision Testing



 Please visit and login to the aviation medicine section as a pilot to initiate your medical and complete the online questionnaire prior to your appointment!

Please provide your ARN ( Aviation Reference Number) when booking a CASA aviation medical, and we can check whether you need an ECG, audiogram or fasting blood test !

Fasting bloods and audiogram are required at your initial medical, at 25 years of age and 5 yearly thereafter, ECG required at initial medical, 25, 30, then 2 yearly until 40 and annually thereafter for class 1 medicals. Same for Class 3 except that ECG’s are only required 2 yearly after age 30.

Class 2 pilots do not require additional tests unless requested specifically by CASA.


For FAA medicals please go to MedXpress obtain a confirmation number  ( see YouTube video below!) and let our friendly staff know what this is. Dr Cann requires a confirmation number in order to be able to conduct an FAA medical.

ECG’s are required for class 1 FAA medicals at 35, 40 and annually thereafter. The FAA does not require blood tests or audiograms routinely!

What to bring to your aviation medical?
Photo ID – Driver’s license or passport
Glasses and your spare pair for reading and distance vision if you require them (if you wear contact lenses normally , please bring solution so you can take them out!)

CASA – fast if require blood test
Medical history including pathology, radiology, and specialist reports if relevant