Attitudes- Anon

I like this little poem given to me many years ago by a friend,when I was stressed out before medical exams! Tattered and yellowed with age , but always relevant!


Very well known.  and very good medicine! I have observed that a lot of anxiety , depression and unhappiness results from  an un willingness to accept it when things go pear-shaped. When we can accept that things have gone pear shaped with serenity, then without all the stress we can make clear decisions, and find the courage to make necessary changes- to improve a situation or to walk away from it- that’s where the wisdom comes into the picture!


In the midst of life’s endless movement
 let me be still
In the midst of life’s constant noise
let me be silent
In the midst of life’s strain and stress
let me be calm
In the midst of life’s uncertainty and doubt
let me be true
In the midst of life’s sickness and dying
let me be strong
In the midst of life
let me be
A beautiful poem by Tim Murray, in memory of his wife Anne Murray, who is one of the most inspiring people I have ever known , and whom I had the great privilege of working with and knowing for many years.